For 08sircus FAN – Japanese good fashion designers.

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For 08sircus FAN – Japanese good fashion designers.


Hello A,

The list I sent last time, is all of size 3 or 4 in this spring-summer in our shop.

I asked kiminori morishita office another 3 or 4 stock.
About your Personal Order
We can accept your personal order next season.
I will meet kiminori morishita 2 weeks later in Paris.
There, I will check the next-new collection 2011-2012 autumn-winter.
If before the deadline of the 2011-2012 order,
I can accetp your personal oreder , any pieces in that collection.
Why I reccomend you Personal Order 08sircus.
You know, 08sircus do not have any extra surplus items.

In addition, they need Half of a Year , as production leadtime to make a cloth.

Usually as 08sirucus creat a cloth, 08sircus creat it  by a piece of the ORIGINAL string YARN.

From a original Yarn – color dye – making original fablics – sawing – finally To a piece of cloth.

So they takes 5 or 6 months leadtime to make just 1 cloth from order deadline day.

and, What is important is that 08sircus does never make any extra items.
They make just by order from retail shop like us.
so they don't have extra surplus items.

So I accept your personal oredr.
If you really want to get 3 or 4 size as you like all, 
you need to ask us before 6 months delivery time.
 If I receive order from you before deadline of orderday.

I can oreder any pieces for you. but after that, you can choose from our orderd items.

Next 2011-2012 autmun-winter dead line in early Feb.

If any question about that,
please tell me.

Thank you

Best regards,

Takaaki Horigome


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